Disconnect to Reconnect:  A Back-to-Basics Experience

It’s that time of year again.  Spring has sprung and everything is gearing up for a busy summer season.  The kids need to get to practice.  The lawn needs mowing.  Your phone is ringing off the hook at work…

beach accessDo Something For You! It’s time to unplug and recharge that battery before the real drain starts when school lets out for summer.

Three times a year integrative life and business coach Annelies Gentile and drum circle facilitator Greg Whitt co-lead a back-to-basics immersion for adults who need a break from their busy lives. Each event invites you to unplug in order to look within, get still, refresh and connect with others through creativity, mindfulness and the natural world.

Are you ready to Unplug?

rocking porchToday, it takes way more human attention “bandwidth” to function and most of us are exposed to technology overload and noise pollution.  You’re invited to get grounded and get away from the busy-ness of work and overwhelm of life! Reboot your system and recharge your own batteries with this back-to-basics retreat. Gain community and creativity, and learn easy tools on how to unplug at home and de-stress at work.

Join us for a bit of peace of mind!

HeronYou may be surprised at how valuable disconnecting will be to you personally and professionally. LET GO of your electronic tether and come play with us!

Discover your inner nature IN nature on the beautiful coast of North Carolina at Trinity Center on the Southern Outer Banks, about 2 hours 45 min from Raleigh.  Trinity Center has over 60 acres stretching from Bogue Sound to the Atlantic Ocean, with private beach access and a variety of walking trails through diverse coastal natural habitats.

DormDe-Stress to Success! Did you know slowing down helps you focus?  This adults-only experience includes climate controlled accommodations on Bogue Sound with activities nestled within a protected live oak maritime forest or on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean.  All meals are included for a healthy and affordable experience.   Take advantage of yoga, life coaching, de-stressing skills or utilize the generous built-in free time to get back in touch with nature at its finest!

Are you running on empty? JOIN US!

Here’s what others say about our Unplugged experience!

  • “I had so many incredible observations about me and the world! This was a huge eye-opener!!”
  • “I had tons of new ideas, just by slowing down! I’m more creative and productive at work now and I’m nicer to be around. I actually feel better about who I am because I learned new practices on how to unplug.”
  • “Instead of wasting my time endlessly checking email and social media, I sat outside in the sun. I kept asking myself, how did I get this far from my center? I’m so grateful to have stepped away.”
  • “In my busy life, I never have a quiet moment to myself. What a gift to unplug, get quiet and still. Thank you for reminding me to unplug!”



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Renovations funded by YOUR Donations

Have you heard? Your generous donations are being put to use at Trinity Center!


 Friends of Trinity Center have been donating to the Trinity and Beyond  Capital Campaign to fund much needed repair and upgrades here on property. To date, 10 of 14 original roofs have been re-shingled ($215,000), 2 rooms have been completely refurbished($32,000), and the west cluster deck has been replaced ($25,00).  Let us share!

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 We proudly announce that with the help of Farrell Construction, we can add the East Cluster deck and roofs to that list ($50,000)!  East Cluster rooms contain 2 handicap accessible rooms, and it is the cluster closest to the Main Conference Building and Trinity Center’s dining hall.

 What’s next on our list?  We hope to complete 10 more rooms and the living room in the East Cluster by December 31, 2013. East Cluster’s deck, roofs and rooms 11-12 have been completed, leaving only rooms 1-10 to go!

How much is it to Sponsor a room?  Sponsoring a room will cost $20,000 and will include a plaque.  The actual room renovations is $16,000; $4000 will be placed into the endowment fund for upkeep throughout the years.

Cluster room renovations include: restructuring and complete renovation of the bathroom, replacing joists and subflooring as needed, new carpet, paint, furniture and linens.

 How can I help?  You too can help Trinity Center by organizing a fundraiser through your church, school or community and sponsor a cluster room as a group or simply by donating to the Trinity and Beyond Capital Campaign. Trinity Center will hang a plaque in the sponsored room in your honor.  Donations of any size are welcome!

Click HERE to donate.

Please contact Susan Holmes, Campaign Coordinator at susan@trinityandbeyond.org or at 252-522-0885 ext. 232 should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Trinity and Beyond Capital Campaign.


Thank you and God Bless.