Easter Means Spring Cleaning

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.

(Psalm 51:10 KJV)

When the sun is warmer on one’s face and his light lingers longer in the evenings, thoughts and hands turn to renewal and rejuvenation.  We forget the last of the of the cold and dark.   We stretch out the kinks and knock off the accumulated rust of the damp, chill winters of eastern North Carolina.  Trinity Center is no exception.

There has been a lot of spring cleaning going on at Trinity from power washing all the decks and rocking chairs to repainting dorms and meeting spaces.  With many thanks to beloved and generous friends, we have replaced decking and carpet and landscaping.  We have purchased new prayer books and hymnals or lovingly brought old ones back to life.

We are polishing up our best outwardly bib and tucker for our upcoming Open House on April 15th when we hope to celebrate the dawning spring with our favorite friends, old and new.  We’d like to introduce ourselves to those who do not know us, and remind those who do what a very special place we are and how we can be all things to all if you’ll come visit.

The outwardly signs of spring cleaning are symbolic of the inward renewal that occurs with each spring rebirth coinciding with the Easter Season.  This is a time of cleansing hearts, of renewed dedication to following spiritual paths, of the assurances of great love from the Universe as all life resurrects, and one life in particular.

You don’t have to wait until April 15th to come see us.  Join St. Andrew’s of Morehead City on our oceanfront Pavilion for a Sunrise Easter Service as they proclaim in unison with the voices of the ages He is not here for He is risen… and find the renewal of spring and the rebirth of great love in your heart.

They would be wrong, however, to say He is not here, for as surely as the Divine is everywhere, He is certainly here at Trinity.  You will find Him in eternal Pentecost walking our paths, talking, laughing, singing, praying with all those who come to this little slice of heaven on a small island off the coast of North Carolina.

Won’t you join us?  We’d love to have you.

A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh.  (Ezekiel 11:19 KJV)


Happy Easter to You and Yours!

And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom …                            Matthew 27:51

Trinity Sunrise

Sunrise at Seale Pavilion.  Location of St.Andrew’s Episcopal Church,     Morehead City, Sunrise Easter Service

There is more to communication than the spoken word.  In the world of today, many forms of communication are open to us all from the constant contact we maintain through the cell phone in our pocket, to the written communications –sending, receiving, reading–we are incessantly exposed to though our computers, laptops and iPads.  We are bombarded by the sway of advertising images and story lines, good, bad, and indifferent, from the televisions in our home, our bank, or our doughnut shop.  Even in the checkout line of the grocery store we must close our eyes to escape communication from magazine and newspaper headlines—if we aren’t already ignoring them by texting while we wait…

Likewise, our physical bodies are affected, in ways science is only just beginning to understand, by the electromagnetic pollution all this communicating generates.  We as a people are so deluged with the agendas, noise, nano-particles, and thoughts of other humans that we no longer notice it.  We only notice the absence of it.


Private Beach Access

It is then we remember the sounds that birds make, find soothing the rhythm of the ocean, hear the loving whispers of the wind rustling the trees, and remember the joys of childhood or parenthood as familial laughter rings across water.

There is a common saying amongst those who know and love Trinity Center:

“The veil is very thin here…”

Trinity Center is unique among its kind in that we fight tooth and nail to keep from bombarding our guests with the pollution of the modern world.  We want you to hear the hum of Mother Nature.  We want you to notice the “still small voice” of your soul.  We want you to connect and fellowship with the Creator in whatever fashion resonates with you.  We want you to connect in fellowship with each other without the medium of modernity between you.

salt walk

Salt Marsh Walking Trail

Whether you are embracing something new, releasing something old, facing a new set of
challenges, just looking for a moment to rest in the arms of the Almighty, or seeking the joy of fellowship with family and friends, Trinity is the place to fully experience these while cocooned in love and service.  For the employees of Trinity, hospitality is a mission of ministering to temporal needs while leaving guests free to focus on their own spiritual paths.

The Spirit of peace imbues everything at Trinity.  People from all walks are welcomed here with open arms.

July 9 beach yoga

Sunrise Yoga on the Beach

For those who  communicate with the universe through  rituals like Yoga or Tai Chi, our beach is the perfect place to match your breathing to the rhythmic breathing of the earth through the sounds of the waves, and to ground yourself by feeling the sand between your toes.


sanders point sunny

Sanders Point Outdoor Chapel


For those who practice formal prayer, there is the coziness of the Julian Chapel where an effigy of the Anchoress of Light’s beloved cat smiles benignly upon those who pray.  There is the tangible hush of the outdoor chapel at Sanders Point where the earth holds her breath the better to hear heartfelt petitions.  There are the Prayer Garden and Stations of the Cross Walking Trail where soothing green envelops the precant and the wind wings supplications on high to the throne.

Girl on Bench_Frank Leith Rd ScholarFor less formal meditation there are benches and rocking chairs literally everywhere on property tucked away in random spots as an invitation to sit and contemplate.  There are benches on Isle of Wright overlooking the fountain.  rocking porchThere are benches strewn along the pond path and lining the dock jutting into the sound at the end of the Salt Marsh Trail.  There are benches overlooking the ocean on Seale Pavilion.  There are rocking chairs on all of the decks and picnic tables tucked beneath the trees.

Wherever one wanders on Trinity’s sixty plus acre property, one is surrounded by the loving embrace of mother earth and the opportunity to tryst with the Divine.  As the rending of the tabernacle veil signified for all of humankind in long ago Jerusalem, there are places to reach the mercy seat and find succor from the universal Father, one on one.  Trinity is one of those places.

And while the world is only five minutes down the road, the veil is truly thin here on this little slice of sand on the coast of North Carolina.  Everyone needs time away from the noise.  Come visit us.  Let us take care of you while you discover this for yourself.

cloud cover 2

Summer Sound to Sea Day Camp Camp Trinity Residential Camp: Registration is Open!

girl-sailsummer-sts-2012-water-wonders-16Our 2017 summer camp schedule and applications are posted on our website and registration is open for both camps so get your applications in now for a summer of sun, sea and sand!  Summer Sound to Sea campers may register by phone.

For those new to the Trinity Center experience, during the regular school year Trinity Center hosts Sound to Sea, the only accredited environmental education program on the Outer Banks, offering schools a habitat based, multi-disciplinary, hands-on learning experience for their students with certified educators.

summer-sts-2012-sensational-science-2-22During the summer, local children can have the same Sound to Sea experience through our Summer Sound to Sea Day Camp.  As with our residential program, kids have a chance to explore the coastal habitat using dip nets to catch and study aquatic creatures, explore the maritime forest and learn about the animals that live among the live oaks, and create art and music.  And of course, no beach camp would be complete without plenty of time in the ocean, and in our pool, with certified lifeguards.

adventurerCamp Trinity is a summer residential camp sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina at Trinity Center, and, this will be our 30th summer season!  Camp Trinity is proud to be accredited by the American Camping Association and while there is a strong Christian presence, Camp Trinity is open to all campers.

big-smilesCamp Trinity offers young people an opportunity to experience camping in an enjoyable and beautiful setting on North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks, between Bogue Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.   Unique opportunities not available at other camps are every day programs at Camp Trinity.

dance Traditional activities include:

  • Swimming instruction
  • Sailing and canoeing
  • A variety of sports
  • Challenge Courses and Teamwork Initiatives
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Evening entertainments (singing, skits, dances, etc.)

boat-dockThe Camp Trinity program is administered by an experienced staff, of college-age and older individuals, with a ratio of one staff person for every four campers.  The Summer Staff consists of trained counselors who are responsible for the care and nurture of campers in their cabin life and camp activities, program staff who plan and implement the recreational program activities for campers, a certified staff of lifeguards and instructors who oversee the swimming and boating programs, and a nurse who cares for the medical needs of campers.  Camp sessions are led by volunteer leaders, clergy, and laity.

Call 1-800-874-6287 or email trinity@trinityctr.com for more information.


Take a Walk on the Wild Side at Trinity!

But now ask the beasts, and they will teach you; and the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you; and the fish of the sea will explain to you. Who among all these does not know that the hand of the Lord has done this, in whose hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind?   Job 12-7-10.

MB picOne of the easiest ways to get assurance of the Divine is to take a good look at the world around.  There is no better place to do that than Trinity Center through one of several programs on offer or with just a visit.  From Ducks to Turtles, we have more wildlife than you can shake a stick at—not that we recommend shaking a stick at any of it.on the way

First and foremost is our Sound to Sea Environmental Education Program.  Running during the standard school year, Sound to Sea is a non-profit educational service offered to public, private, and homeschooling school groups.  Hawkins the Red TailTrinity Center developed Sound to Sea to promote earth stewardship for upcoming generations.  The classes and hands-on activities are open to all grade levels and meet the NC Standard Course of Study.

With three different Sound to Sea programs to choose from, all use the habitats of a Barrier Island System as an outdoor classroom.  Being able to walk from Bogue Sound to the Atlantic Ocean in a matter of minutes and see the complex ecosystems they learn about in school has a tremendous impact on students.

Another option for the over 55 crowd is one of the marsh walkprograms offered in partnership with the Road Scholar program.  Road Scholar has been the not-for-profit world leader in lifelong learning and educational travel since 1975.  Its mission is to empower adults to explore places, people, cultures and ideas, and in doing so, to discover more about themselves.

beaufortTrinity Center has combined Road Scholar’s unwavering commitment to lifelong learning with our beautiful outdoor and indoor classrooms and a talented teaching staff comprised of area professors and professionals, as well as our own staff of gifted instructors.  Trinity provides programming covering a variety of subjects from the ecology and culture of the Outer Banks, to emerging technologies used to document and protect this fragile ecosystem. ponies

Offering programs to develop new or enhance existing skills in Digital Photography to capture North Carolina’s dynamic coast, to Birding in the Outer Bank’s coastal forests and island sanctuaries, to exploring the historic homes and gardens of some of North Carolina’s oldest communities, Road Scholar has something for anyone wanting to learn more about the beautiful coast of North Carolina.

Girl on Bench_Frank Leith Rd ScholarLastly, if you just want a place to feel close to nature without schedules or obligations, try one of Trinity Center’s retreats hosted at the Pelican House.  Spend your days communing with egretthe universe and being one with all the nature on offer along one of our many walking trails, by our pond, or on our quiet beach.  Take a pair of binoculars into the salt marsh or sit on the dock jutting far into Bogue Sound and revel in a glorious sunset.

We are a very special location with something for everyone.  But over all, it is the nature of Trinity to rest one’s soul.  So take time to take a walk on the wild side and come for a visit.  Join a program, bring a group, or come on your own…there are many ways to enjoy the unique nature of Trinity Center.

on the beach at sunset

Do You Know the Sea?

To the Sea, to the Sea! The white gulls are crying,
The wind is blowing, and the white foam is flying.
West, west away, the round sun is falling.
Grey ship, grey ship, do you hear them calling? ~J.R.R. Tolkien

winter sunsetHow well you do really know the Sea?  The ocean is more than the summer frolic of colorful umbrellas, bathing suits and towels, or earnest adults fishing, running, walking, or watching bronze children digging in the sand.  The Sea has a symphony for everyone, every day of the year.

There is a saying in North Carolina that if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute—it will change.  The same could be said about the Sea.  A never ending drift woodpanorama of song, the Sea’s perpetual dance with the man in the moon plays to the audience of human eyes as tides ebb and flow, hiding and revealing the icons of life…an intricate shell here, a colorful bit of sea glass there, the solid and stoic lump of mangled iron, the occasional remains of unlucky sea creatures.  The relentless rumble of the surf echoes the full cacophony of life crowding the dark depths of the beyond.  To watch the sea is to see the hand of the Conductor God in motion.

storm movin inIn winter the Sea is desolate beauty.  Heavy dirges of storm clouds chase each other for miles over empty sand and the wide expanse of the waterway to the other side of the world.  One can see the edges in tangible contrast; a relentlessly moving line.  Part of the fun is trying to guess just the right moment to slip away before receiving an unwanted cold shower.  But if one needs to weep, there is no better time to weep than when the Sea weeps, and no better place than her shoulder of sand close enough to hear her heartbeat a capella.walking storm

In spring the storms march to a different beat.  The energy of the brightening air is invigorating jazz.  The updrafts whip enthusiastically, calling for kite flyers to come out and play.  Then fickle Sea turns dark blue as the fine crackle of warm humid clouds confront stale dry air, and thunderheads rear, explode, then disappear in a shower of light rain under the freshly-washed-face of the smiling sun and the waters lighten to allegro green.  It is no wonder we admire Benjamin Franklin for flying a kite in a thunderstorm.

clear spot 2In summer and fall, the sea is a deceptive thing of pastoral peace and tranquility hiding a possible crescendo of weather desiring its own name being born just over the horizon.  Then the ocean truly shows its power even beyond the boundaries of land.  But after the passing, the Sea is once again a tempo, our happy go lucky friend.  The lullaby of sated waves sooth us in the warmth and safety of the sublime sunny day and we forgive all her atrocities.

Do you know, really know, the Sea?

Come share our Sea with us and learn the secrets of which she sings.


Spend Family Time at Winter Camp!

We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Trinity is offering something new this year for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day:    Sound to Sea Winter Day Camp.  We still have spaces available!

Give us a call at 888-874-6287 

Day Camp and Family Time Retreats!

clamsDuring the 2016 Winter Break over Martin Luther King, Jr. Day,  Trinity Center’s Sound to Sea Environmental Education Program offers a hands-on Science Day Camp January 18th & 19th for first through fifth graders.  Come for Monday or Tuesday, or both (!), and learn about our Barrier Island.

Costing $50 per day or $90 for two days, youth will explore the habitats on Trinity’s 60+ acre property.  Campers will wear chest waders and use dip nets in Bogue Sound to findisecting classd out more about the biology on a barrier island.  They will explore the beach habitat and learn what creatures spend their winters at the beach.  Campers will fish in the pond and dissect a squid.  We will also have fun, unique programs to learn about Whales and Sea Turtles!

Whale classSound to Sea
will provide all the the materials for your day at pond classcamp. The schedule will run from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Campers will receive a hot lunch and afternoon snack.  Campers will need to bring a back pack with a refillable water bottle, long socks, an extra change in clothes, and appropriate winter accessories like scarves and gloves, or rain gear, depending on weather.

Take a Winter Break Yourself!

Parents or Grandparents who also have MLK Day free may want to take the opportunity for some quality Family Time and stay over Sunday and/or Monday evening.  ponies

The NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores (just a mile away on  Hwy 58) offers free admission on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so bring the faCluster room_Frank Leith Rd Scholarmily and enjoy the property as one of our Family Time Retreats.  Guest rooms are available at our winter rates starting at $45 per night (restrictions apply).

Let the kids romp with Sound to Sea duribeaufortng the day while adults rest and relax, or go gallivanting in our coastal towns enjoying shopping, museums, the Aquarium… in the evening go see Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens (again!) at our local movie theater at Atlantic Beach Station or watch a family movie in one of our living rooms cozied up by the fire eating popcorn.  Or, enjoy roasting marshmallows at one of our campfire rings.

Winter is a fun time at Trinity Center.  It is quieter, sure, but that only means the shell hunting on the beach is better….no competition!

We’d love to have you come visit!cloud cover 2






Camp Registration is Open!

Camp applications have been mailed!  


Click Here for Forms

Camp in SessionIf you are not on our mailing list, or don’t feel like waiting for the postal service, you can go to our website and download registration forms.  Forms can be faxed or mailed back to us.

For those new to the Trinity Center experience, Camp Trinity is a summer residential camp sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina at Trinity Center, and, this will be our 29th summer season!

In fact, our Executive Director, Penn Perry, is the former Camp Director (and a Camp Leech camper–Camp T’s predecessor) and our current Camp Director, Mary Beth Bradberry, is a former camper.  We often joke that Mary Beth has been at Trinity Center longer than any of us since she’s pretty much been here since fifth grade!

Your Children are Safe with Us!

boys learning to sailCamp Trinity is proud to be accredited by the American Camping Association.  Developed exclusively for the camp industry, this nationally recognized program focuses on program quality, and health & safety issues, and requires us to review every facet of our operation every three years.  In 2013, Camp Trinity scored high marks in all areas.boys in life vests

In 2015, around 600 campers came through Trinity Center.  The Camp Trinity program is administered by an experienced staff, of college-age and older individuals, with a ratio of one staff person for every four campers.  The Summer Staff consists of trained counselors who are responsible for the care and nurture of campers in their cabin life and camp activities, program staff who plan and implement the recreational program activities for campers, a certified staff of lifeguards and instructors who oversee the swimming and boating programs, and a nurse who cares for the medical needs of campers.  Camp sessions are led by volunteer leaders, clergy, and laity.

Traditional Camp Activities plus Unique Opportunities!

Camp Trinity offers young people (rising 3rd through 12th grades) an opportunity to experience camping in an enjoyable and beautiful setting on North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks, between Bogue Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.   Unique opportunities not available at other camps are every day programs at Camp Trinity.  Traditional activities include:canoe in lagoon

  • Swimming instruction
  • Sailing and canoeing
  • A variety of sports
  • Challenge Courses and Teamwork Initiatives
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Evening entertainments (singing, skits, dances, etc.)
  • Christian Education and Worship

owlAlthough most activities are groups of cabin mates, the camp program also offers additional “Shareshops” of special activities where a camper can choose their own interest and have a chance to mingle with campers in other cabins.  Examples of these activities range from special sports (i.e. pool volleyball), intricate crafts (tie dyed T-shirts), and Sound to Sea Programs where campers meet Trinity Center’s Birds of Prey.tug of war

Each day ends with the sharing of the day’s events, singing, and stories (including the latest antics of the Doo Hammer who has been chasing kiddie campers for more than 30 years!) on the ocean side Pavilion, or around the campfire.

You are Never too Old for Camp!

snack time teens
For Senior High Campers (rising grades 10th-12th), a variety of activities will center around agirls at picnic table
program theme.  The activities will include vehicles such as discussions, skits, Shareshops, and worship exploring issues such as spirituality, Christian values, societal problems, and personal growth.  There is structured group time and activities, and free time scheduled throughout each day.

Adventurers:  Special Session for Special People!adventurer wheel dance

All of Trinity Center looks forward to Adventurers week.  The love and joy on campus are pure tangible entities.  It is absolutely impossible to have a bad week when the Adventurers are around.

penn with adventurersadventurers in the poolThis camp session is designed for persons of all ages with mental and/or physical special needs.  The activities for this session are based on our traditional programs and adapted where necessary so everyone can have the “camp” experience in spite of limitations.  We have one camper who has attended for over 20 years!

adventurer funny 
 Adventurer Floating in pool

Camp Facility and Island Setting!
three legged race

Camp Trinity is situated along the Bogue Sound and includes waterfront climate-controlled cabins with indoor bathrooms, dorm life covered recreation building, outdoor recreation field, challenge course, assembly building, dining room, boat docks, campfire circles, Sanders service at sanders pointPoint Outdoor Chapel, and oceanfront Pavilion.
Many different waterfronts are available to campers.  Sailing, canoeing and marsh exploration take place in Bogue sound. Swimming lessons, free swim, and waterboys sand castlecarnival events happen around the Olympic sized pool.  Swimming, sand castle building, games, and beach walks occur on the Trinity Center private beach accessed by a tunnel under the island’s main highway.

Something for Everyone!

sittin n thinkinLike to attend Camp, or know someone who would, if only the family budget allowed?  Camp Trinity has a financial assistance policy for those who might otherwise be unable to attend.  Contact the camp office for a financial assistance form or more information.  getting in sailboatsFinancial assistance applications are reviewed in the Spring when the total amount of available funds is known.  Financial assistance scholarships are made possible through gifts and memorial contributions to Camp Trinity.


Can’t Wait Until Summer?Here no see no

Already know and love Camp Trinity?  dance
If you are 8th through 12th grade, get a taste of camp in January at the Camp Trinity Reunion.  Every winter, former campers candlelightget together to see old friends anCentrum Goofd participate in both some well-loved camp activities as well as sample some new ideas that might show up at the next summer session.  In any case, any reason to come to Trinity Center is a good reason.  Call us for more information!


What a Whale of a Tale!


We need help!

On March 15, 2014, a dwarf sperm whale (Kogia sima) washed up dead on the beach in front of Trinity Center. The Marine Mammal Stranding Network responded to the stranding with the help of the guests and staff of Trinity Center.

Staff and volunteers from Trinity Center’s Sound to Sea Environmental Education Program, NC Maritime Museum, NCSU Center for Marine Sciences and Technology, NC Division of Marine Fisheries, Carteret Community College, and UNC Wilmington collaborated on the necropsy of the whale.

But that is just the beginning of the tale….

Experts from the Marine Mammal Stranding Network recognized this whale as a rare specimen in good condition.  They worked with Sound to Sea  to carefully bury the post-necropsy carcass in a sandy grave to let it decompose.  The whale will stay buried for two years as the first step in preparing the bones to eventually be re-articulated for a display.

This winter we plan to exhume the bones and are lucky
whale burialto have the expertise of Keith Rittmaster of the NC Maritime Museum to help guide us through this complicated project.  While our Sound to Sea staff prepare for the fun ahead, we are are now seeking financial support to gather the funds and materials that we will need to continue the process.

Keith RittmasterThis project will take a lot of work and time. Just exhuming the whale will take four to five hours since we will need to carefully document, label, and photograph all the bones and teeth.  Imagine losing track of what order the vertebrae are in!  We will build frames to hold the bones in the correct order as we work with them.

drying box photo Keith Rittmaster

Drying Box with sea turtles bones (photo: Keith Rittmaster)

The bones will then be soaked for several weeks to months in a solution of ammonia and Dawn dish soap and then in a hydrogen peroxide solution to degrease them as well as remove any remaining flesh and bacteria.  If the bones need further degreasing, we will have it done in the NCSU vet school’s trichloroethylene vapor degreaser.

The bones will sit in the sun for a few weeks to a few months to make sure that they are completely dry.  The bones will be inside a cage as they dry so they are not damaged and so animals do not get into them.  Broken bones will be repaired using steel pins and casting resin.  Fragile bones will be strengthened with casting resin.  Then the bones will be painted with two coats of diluted bookbinders glue to strengthen them and prevent them from deteriorating over time.

Reassembling the skeletonThen the skeleton will be reassembled and mounted onto a portable frame.  The vertebrae will have holes drilled through them so that they can be put on a steel rod with foam between each representing the intervertebral discs.  The bones will be temporarily glued in place and then permanently attached with resin or hardware once we know that they are in the right place.  The bones of the flippers will be mounted on Plexiglas to make them sturdier and show the size and shape of the flipper.  flipper

It is a very big project so you can see why we might need a little help. Afterwards, the skeleton will be used as a learning tool for the Sound to Sea Program as well as just being a really neat thing to have at Trinity Center.

They say never try to eat an elephant whole, but take it one spoonful at a time.  We guess the same is true for whales.  If you can help at all, no amount is too small.  If everyone who loves us gives a small spoonful, we’ll meet our goal by the time we need the funds this winter.

Then all the kids who come to Trinity through our educational programs and camps, will really have a whale of a tale to tell!

sts go fund button

Pssst…Will you be our Valentine?

Old Man Winter is struggling to keep hold on the Outer Banks but his grip is slipping.  camila sharp Francis backgroundThe Camellia bushes–one of the earliest spring flowering shrubs–have burst into bloom in the Pelican House Prayer Garden.

Dandelions are springing up in defiance every where.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is even a subtle shade of brighter green creeping into the leaves of the coniferous live oaks (or so we keep telling ourselves).
On a walk_Frank Leith Rd ScholarDaffodils are sticking their noses out of ground and will soon be keeping company with Bishop Sanders in the Memorial Garden.

During the week our Sound to Sea program is in full swing.  Gleeful shouts of children running around in the sun blend with the occasional leaf blower or hedge trimmer as our maintenance team start spring pruning on the landscape.

We expect a couple more tussles with ol’ Winter next week but we’re keeping warm and toasty until we wait him out.  Saturday, February 14th, is expected to be mid-fifties and sunny.

by road scholar Mary Pollard

Valentine’s Day Weekend is upon us here at Trinity.  We have a few marriage or couples retreats on property, as well as sisterly ladies’ crafting get-togethers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand youth confirmation ceremonies so there’s a whole lotta love goin’ around in all its forms. Beach 2 Claire Hunter

The beach is so peaceful this time of year.  Pine Knoll Shores is a small town with few year-round residents so you have the vast ocean all to yourself…the shell hunting is great with so little competition.IMG_7768

When the sun goes down and Old Man Winter sniffs around the corner of the buildings, guests spend lazy evenings staring into a cozy living room fire…or into a good book.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Are you still looking for that last minute gift                                             for your one-and-only?

Then give us a call and come on down to Trinity. There’s nothing like a romantic elopement at the last minute…even if you have to bring the kids!

But sometimes, the best valentine you can give is time for oneself.  Girl on Bench_Frank Leith Rd ScholarEither way, come to Trinity this weekend…We’ll be your Valentine!


Call for Individual Retreat availability                 888-874-6287

Local Things to Do on Valentine’s Day:

Several area restaurants are offering special valentine’s menus or romantic dining:

Floyds 1921floyds   spouterThe Spouter Inn

bistro Bistro-By the Sea  beaufort Beaufort Grocery

Or if unattached, swing by the Beach Tavern at Atlantic Beach and join the Anti-Valentine Singles’ Mingle for those celebrating blessed singledom.

hansDuring the day Saturday, February 14th, enjoy traditional foods like Gumbo, dancing & the dixieland music of Unknown Tongues, and parades, costumes, beads & masks at The 23rd Annual Gloucester Mardi Gras.




Or for something calm and educational, visit the Volunteer Day Open House at the NC Aquarium.aqui

BIG SWEEP Saturday, October 18th

Come Sweep the Beach at Trinity!

During the month of October, communities of Carteret County are participating in the 28th Annual Big Sweep.  Although the kick-off statewide is the first weekend, we extend participation throughout the month.  Saturday, October 18th is the day Trinity Center and our Sound to Sea program contributes to the Pine Knoll Shores Big Sweep as part of our ongoing effort to keep our beloved beaches and waterways clean.


If you love our beaches, please join us on the Beach at 10:00AM, Saturday, October 18, 2014.  Trinity Center will provide work gloves, trash bags and other tools.  You bring the sunscreen and water bottle.


Volunteers will also log the amount and type of items collected, and how many animals suffered entanglements, to add to the statewide record tracking the types of trash ebb and flow over our waterways.

In 2013, 645 volunteers covered over 24 miles resulting in the removal of over 2500 pounds of trash from Carteret County waterways.

Some Big Sweep Tips for participation:

  • Take a hat or visor and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Wear old, comfortable clothes. You will get dirty.
  • Take a snack and a drink along. You’ll probably get thirsty.
  • Bring some insect repellent and a pair of gloves.
  • Make sure your shoes are sturdy and have closed toes. Your shoes may get wet. Do not go barefoot.
  • Stay with a partner or group, and be sure that children are supervised by an adult.
  • Wear a life jacket if you’ll be in a boat. Do not wade into the water to gather debris if the current is fast. Never enter the water unless you know its depth and are wearing a life jacket. Be safe and careful.
  • Watch for snakes and spiders. Be careful of poison oak and poison ivy.
  • Watch out for steep, slippery, and unstable banks. If you are unsure of conditions, find a safer place or ask for assistance.
  • Do not touch medical waste, chemical containers, barrels, pesticides, or other dangerous items. Note their location and tell your site coordinator.
  • Do not touch any animals, dead or alive. Trapped or injured animals may bite, and they can carry disease. Alert your site coordinator.
  • Have a safe, fun time!