Easter Means Spring Cleaning

When the sun is warmer on one’s face and his light lingers longer in the evenings, thoughts and hands turn to renewal and rejuvenation.  We forget the last of the of the cold and dark.   We stretch out the kinks and knock off the accumulated rust of the damp, chill winters of eastern North Carolina.  Trinity Center is no exception.


Camp in the Winter?  Yes!  Camp Trinity Reunion!

The 2018 Camp T Reunion Design Team was hard at work today planning another fun-filled weekend and wants you to spread the word! The Camp T Reunion will be held January 12-14, 2018 for 8-12th grade.  This is a winter youth event for new and returning campers!


Happy Easter to You and Yours!

There is more to communication than the spoken word.  In the world of today, many forms of communication are open to us all … We are bombarded by the sway of advertising images and story lines, good, bad, and indifferent, from the televisions in our home, our bank, or our doughnut shop.  Even in the checkout line of the grocery store we must close our eyes to escape communication from magazine and newspaper headlines—if we aren’t already ignoring them by texting while we wait…

UNPLUGGED RETREAT APRIL 21-23:  A Back-to-Basics Experience

It’s that time of year again.  Spring has sprung and everything is gearing up for a busy summer season.  The kids need to get to practice.  The lawn needs mowing.  Your phone is ringing off the hook at work… Do Something For You!  Unplug and recharge that battery before the real drain starts when school lets out for summer.  Are you ready to unplug?


Summer Sound to Sea Day Camp & Camp Trinity:                                     Registration is Open!

Our 2017 summer camp schedule and applications are posted on our website and registration is open for both camps so get your applications in now for a summer of sun, sea and sand!  Summer Sound to Sea campers may register by phone.  Call 888-874-6287.



Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

One of the easiest ways to get assurance of the Divine is to take a good look at the world around.  There is no better place to do that than Trinity Center through one of several programs on offer or with just a visit.  From Ducks to Turtles, we have more wildlife than you can shake a stick at—not that we recommend shaking a stick at any of it…



Do you Know the Sea?

How well you do really know the Sea?  The ocean is more than the summer frolic of colorful umbrellas, bathing suits and towels, or earnest adults fishing, running, walking, or watching bronze children digging in the sand.  The Sea has a symphony for everyone, every day of the year…

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