Dance into the New Year

at the 15th Annual


Come Celebrate the 15th ANNIVERSARY of the Bogue Banks Boogie, originated by the Down East Folk Arts Society (DEFAS) in 1997 and run by the Cape Fear Contra Dancers (CFCD) of Wilmington, NC since 2009. Since its beginning, the Boogie has been a sell-out and huge success, bringing many dancers back year after year to enjoy a unique beach setting, great bands and callers and a wonderful facility on the coast of North Carolina. Great food, with vegan dishes available at every meal.The “Boogie” is always geared to intermediate and advanced dancers and is gender-balanced. Please join us and the interesting mix of dancers from all over who come to enjoy this great setting for a holiday getaway. You can even make it a “mini-Vacation” by adding nights to your stay at very reasonable rates!

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Isn’t this a Trash Can?
NO! These are our composters!






Didn’t you ever wonder where we put all of our leftover food? 
Our Sound to Sea staff will collect buckets of compost from Trinity Center kitchen and the staff apartment on Mondays and Fridays. With each bucket of compost, 2-3 scoops of saw dust will be added and stirred. The Johanna hot compost bin traps heat, protects the compost from too much moisture and curious animals, and still keeps the compost nice and airy! It lets us compost all year round!
Interested in composting at home?  Click HERE to learn how to get started.