Keith King I have been involved with Trinity Center for several years now.  Our Rotary District holds the Annual District 7730 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference at Trinity Center each year.  The staff are very accomodating to our needs.  Facilities are just right and the food is good as well.  Trinity Center staff are able to make changes for last minute requests each year.  Prices for rooms, conference building, and meals is very reasonable.  If I have a say, we will continue to use the Trinity Center for many years to come. Sincerely, Keith King, Assistant Governor

Rotary International District 7730

Bill Wrenn Fantastic place.  Beautiful setting, good maintenance, accomodating staff, good food, comfortable rooms … what more could one ask?
Anita Lisk I have been the contact person for a number of retreats for my church at Trinity Center and participants inevitably rave about their experience there. The staff is friendly and helpful (both before and during our retreats), the meeting spaces are well-equipped and can be set in a variety of ways, the lodging is clean and comfortable (and rocking in chairs on the decks that the rooms surround is a terrific way to casually gather, share cocktails and shoot the breeze!), and the food is excellent – plentiful, tasty, and with a wide variety of options. The beautiful natural landscape stretches from the outdoor chapel on Bogue Sound to easy access to the beach by a short walk. All in all, I highly recommend Trinity Center in NC.
Tom Rickenbaker This wonderful Episcopal Retreat Center that runs from the beach to the sound. It offers a slow pace and a retreat from the outside world. The staff are helpful and are willing to assist in any way they can. The cost is inexpensive. I have been to Trinity more than 20 times and it has always been like coming home again.
Richard Parsons Trinity is a relaxed and relaxing center nestled in the peaceful Maritime Forest on Bogue bank. As soon as you turn off the busy highway, you have no idea you are near the bustling commercial beach atmosphere. The cheerful grey-washed buildings blend into the natural environment in a completely unregimented way. An extremely safe path leads to some of the finest ocean beach in the world without having to cross the highway. The accommodations are pleasant, modern, in good condition, and spotless. The food is unpretentious but tasty and plentiful and the dining spaces are bright and cheerful.  The staff is extremely helpful. You’ll love your stay at Trinity.
Wendy Our school so enjoyed the retreat center.  It provided a safe and beautiful place to stay as the students explored the shore, sound and locations near by.  The meals, both on site and packed, were ideal, tasty and healthy.  The price point reasonable and the staff quite pleasant overall.  I think the fact that a school group was entering the dining room initially made the staff anxious.  As they enjoyed a group that was respectful and fun, they eased into their routines.
Erin Robinson Trinity Center is a wonderful conference center.  I’ve been there for numerous youth retreats, Adult Christian retreats, Environmental Camp and Road Scholar events.  The staff are gracious, the setting couldn’t be more lovely (both sound and sea within walking distance!), and the meals are always tasty.  This is a true gem, and I give it my very highest recommendation!
Elizabeth Grimm As Admin. Asst. at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Oriental, NC I have been blessed with the opportunity to have stayed at Trinity Center on a number of occasions.  The facility is always immaculate, inviting and comfortable.  The staff is helpful and friendly and the food is fabulous.  There is so much that Trinity Center has to offer.  On a personal note I have done day trips to the beach facility and have always been pleased with the cleanliness of the entire center.  I would highly recommend Trinity Center for a day or a week.  The surroundings are truly serene and enhance your spiritual experience.
Donna Gaskill I have attended conferences, special events, and picnics at Trinity Center.  The complex is well-maintained and has a feeling of oneness with the natural surroundings.  The lodging accommodations are basic but comfortable.  The conference rooms are well-appointed.  The food is tasty with selections to accommodate different diets.  I think it would be a great place for family reunions.
Flora Shedd As an oblate with The Order of Julian of Norwich, I go on retreat there several times a year.
mamre Wilson To be at Trinity Center, no matter the reason, you are among God’s family .. nurtured, fed, cared for, loved, and as close to heaven as one can be on earth!
Catherine Frank Our organization, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Duke University, holds annual retreats at The Trinity Center.  The venue itself is conveniently located and easy to find, but because of the beautiful old trees and the sound-side location, it is a very tranquil place where one feels remote from all the bustle associated with a beach town.  The beach is a short easy walk away through the “under-the-road” tunnel, and it is a beautiful beach. The beach house is also a wonderful place to hold courses and activities.  We had a wonderful kite demonstration; the owners of a local kite shop displayed and talked about kites and then we went to the beach where we were able to see them in action. The center’s rooms are clean and simple and the configuration of rooms and central living areas is a great way to foster a sense of both privacy and community, both of which are important to a retreat. The food is always wholesome and varied. The meeting rooms are attractive and equipped with appropriate AV equipment.Finally, staff members are helpful.
Bernie The Trinity Center is great!  Nothing fancy, but very clean, the staff is extremely polite and accommodating.  Set-up and location is great too.  Lots of meeting spaces both big and small.  Places to be outside as well as inside.  Beautiful environment with ready access to the beach and set-up for meetings right by the beach.  We go back year after year with our family as part of a large group.
Susan Mezias I have attended the Fall PELT conference every year for 20 plus years. Many of those years I was “in charge” of everything. The Trinity Center has always been informative, accommodating & helpful in every way. The meals are impressive, the facility is always clean, & equipment is available to us in many ways.  I would highly recommend the Trinity Center to anyone.
Bob Inskeep I’ve coordinated a ministers retreat for 30 for about twelve years.Every single time, everything has been well-coordinated.The staff is very personable, and the food service never ceases to amaze.  I’ve never had a bad meal there.  The setting is truly spiritual.  Rooms are not luxury, but more than adequate.  But you have access to “Living rooms” in the center of housing areas, which provide a good meeting area, as well as ice machine and coffee maker…and small fridge for keeping your wine and cheese cool.  It’s easy to walk around.  One can get to the beach via a tunnel under the highway. The chapel is always open and is a perfect setting for small group worship or devotional.  Our church choir also retreats there and it’s the highlight of their year.   I’ve also been for individual stays of a couple days,<br>and it’s very quiet, except for the always-present students who are on science camp…and they always stay in small groups with their collegiate leaders.  Since we’ve been gathering there each October, I haven’t even looked at an alternate site.  Trinity is near ’bout perfect in every way!
Mary Lou Addor Each year, in Feb since 1999, our leadership institute has stayed at the Trinity Center at Pine Knoll Shores. There cannot be a better location- on the beach – in a very spacious and peaceful retreat setting. Our participants really love the TC- its open space and conservation ethic, the quality and variety of it menus, the reasonable cost, and the staff that support our stay. Both Jacque (now retired) and Chris have often been resourceful, attentive, and willing to work with us as needed. I feel at home whenever we arrive and look forward to the personal touch and attention I know we will receive.
Erin Peterson I have been volunteering for a summer camp for people with disabilities that takes place at Trinity for 15 years now.  Every year I am impressed by the ease with which the kitchen adapts to provide vegetarian options, diabetic options, lactose free options, and still remains upbeat and helpful.  The Center itself is beautiful.  The dormatories are air- conditioned now (they weren’t when I started volunteering!) and they are in good repair.  They even overlook the sound, and I’ve been able to stand on the back porch in the mornings and watch dolphins swim by in the sound.  Not only are the cabins right on the sound, but the beach is a short walk away. I have nothing but good things to say about the Trinity Center.  The staff is helpful and kind, the facilities are kept clean and neat, and the food is good Southern fare.
Larry Britt I’ve stayed at Trinity Center a number of times over the years – once or twice a year for the last 22 years.  I’ve attended conferences lasting from one to three days and my family has held a reunion there.  We have another reunion on the books for 2010.  My wife and I have used the center as a weekend getaway – when we could find a room available. My experience with Trinity has been invariably positive.  Trinity does not take itself too seriously, but it takes its Mission – First Rate Hospitality – very seriously indeed. A stay at Trinity Center is one of the best ways I know to come away from the daily fuss and bother, to be still, to have your soul restored.
Jim Cirillo I have attended Trinity Center for  a conference held there for 5 consecutive years and it is a great setting for a time away.  The facilities are always clean and well kept.  The staff is friendly and great to work with.  They are more than willing to accommodate dietary restrictions, especially when they know in advance and can plan for it.  The food is good and all in all it is a great deal for the cost. I also stayed there for a week once, along with my wife, daughter in law and grandson, when my son was returning from Iraq.  Even though it was an hours drive to Camp LeJeune, it was a great stay and a much nicer setting than Jacksonville, NC. I have stayed in many retreat and conference centers and have had both good and bad experiences in them – but only good ones at Trinity Center.<br><br>Enjoy your stay…  🙂
Ken Saunders+ I have been to Trinity Center twice in the past 2 years to the Small Church Leadership Conference (SCLC) http://www.epis-sclc.org.  I have found Trinity Center to be a wonderful place with a great staff and excellent food, as well as a beautiful beach access.   As a member of the SCLC conference committee, I really appreciate Trinity Center for offering such beautiful accommodations at such reasonable rates!!  “Affordable” just partially describes it!  I plan to go back soon (attending the Diocese of East Carolina music conference).  I highly recommend Trinity Center for anything you may have coming up!!!<br>
Kay Swindell Trinity Ctr. has been a big part of my life since it opened. The facilities are always clean and comfortable. Trinity Center enables one to leave the noises of life out on the highway and enter into a place of calm and comfort. Trinity Center helped me raise my children through years of youth events, retreats and camps. As a dear friend once said…”God lives here!”
Nancy Brake I have organized and attended our Parish Retreat every summer since 2004 and my son has attended Camp Trinity every year since 2001 (I am writing his in Summer 2009).  Trinity has a very special place in our hearts but I will try to be objective.  Most of the staff know my voice when I call and are always friendly and courteous and unassuming.  The Trinity Center has a casual, warm atmosphere.  The food is excellent and just sitting in the dining hall with coffee or tea and good friends after dinner is a treat.  You will never go away hungry.  I always have the feeling that I have stepped back to a simpler, less hurried time and my breath comes easier and I am sure my blood pressure lowers.  The paths are sandy and natural but there are plenty of accommodations for those who don’t “get around” as well.  There is tunnel that goes under the beach highway and comes out at the ocean.  There is plenty of beach for everyone and there is a pool for those who don’t prefer the ocean.  Trinity is family, Trinity is God’s Presence and Love.  I am not adept enough in my writing skills to express what Trinity is all about… but if you want to return to a simpler life with people around that care, and if you want to take a deep breath that lets you know you are alive and that God loves you,then go to Trinity.
Nancy R. Ward My family and I have used Trinity Center both as individuals and as part of a group. The natural setting is serene, facilities varied to accomodate small or large groups, staff always polite and accomodating, food varied and delicious. Options are offered in a professional manner when reservations are made and you can depend on your needs to be met from the moment you enter the “Point of Arrival” until you return your room key. Religious facilities are available but not forced on guests.
Sydney Miller I have attended both professional workshops and religious retreats held at the Trinity Center. I have been consistently impressed with the quality of the Trinity Center’s facilities, its amenities, and the care and friendliness of its staff.
Rachael Stube I have attended church retreats, women’s retreats, and camp at Trinity Center.  Each time is a wonderful experience.  Working with the staff in the office or kitchen or at camp is easy.  The facilities are comfortable and simple.  Trinity Center is our special place to go for solitude and peace.  Meals are excellent
Leslie Goff I was a participant in a Silent Retreat at Trinity Center.  I found the staff delightful, the food plentiful and tastey, the grounds beautiful and the atmosphere just what I wanted.  This place is truly special.
Beth Honeycutt The Trinity Center is a special and holy place.  I love the comfortable, simple accomodations, the environmental emphasis, the delicious food, and the beautiful setting.  We are struggling some with the expense and the distance, which, in a recession, are further and more than they used to be!  We also have a growing number of people who have a hard time with mobility, and while Trinity Center is fully accessible, the locations can be spread apart based on what you book.  I am sure that the Trinity Center is charging as little as they can to create good accomodations.  Our church is changing, though, and despite having so many amazing experiences there–many springs and some summers, for many years–we wonder if we can continue to come.  The hospitality and spirituality make this place a true treasure.
Jimi Paderick I have had the extreme pleasure of going to Trinity Center as both a guest and conference leader for 12 years.  It is a one of a kind retreat setting – there is always a place to find community, yet is it easy to find a nook for quiet time.  The facilities are wonderful.  The scenery is scrumptious. The  staff are always helpful and go beyond the norm to make your stay enjoyable. I simply “love” Trinity Center!
Sarah Yelton The Trinity Center has been the site of our week-long teacher institute for the last 6 years.  We are always very well taken care of by the incredibly friendly and professional staff.  The food is wonderful, and the kitchen is well equipped to adapt to special dietary needs.  The residential area is comfortable and the design encourages our group to socialize outside of our regular meeting times.  The meeting rooms are perfect and suit a wide variety of activities.  We will keep coming back to the Trinity Center!
Linda Bedo You could not find a better location or more caring staff. Food is outstanding!
bob thomas I have attended the Small Church Leadership Conf. here for almost 20 years.  The staff has always been friendly and vey focused on meeting any and all needs, and request for us.  The facility is well maintained and the location is great.  The food is really good and no one goes away hungry. We always look forward to returning each year.
david cook Have been there many times…my children have been in their Sound of Sea program, wonderful!….I go there twice a year to a Cursillo retreat ( 80 people) and they have always worked well with our needs…good people, good lodging, great times @ the beach, food is good….we could take our business elsewhere, but why…we have all we need to hold conferences and the staff is top-notch…
Bill Norton For 14 years The Trinity Center has been the site for the Stewardship Commission (NC Conference, The United Methodist Church) retreat for new pastors.  The staff has always provided what was requested, the facilities have been clean, comfortable, and relaxing, the food excellent, and the surroundings are wonderful for renewal, learning, and worship. From walking trails in wooded areas  and along the sound to a walking path under the highway to the beach, there are very few places like it for retreats or for renewal.
Sherry Trinity is wonderful! the people are kind and the care for the environment is obvious! I would recommend it to young and old alike!
Sean Duffy I have been to Trinity for 7 years now, and the place is consistently excellent.  The staff is excellent, friendly, and efficient, the food is excellent and there’s plenty of it, the box lunches we take with us on our marine science forays are good, the logistics of the place are very well done, sorta rustic, and it’s always quiet and peaceful when we are there in mid-August.  Two years out of 7, I have taken a student with severe food allergies, and the staff has bent over backwards to help in both instances.  The dining hall is nice, the pool is a big hit, ocean access is appreciated, etc., etc., etc.  I can’t recommend the place highly enough!!
Betty and Phil Hopkins We organized retreats for 4 years at Trinity Center for our organization, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Duke University. The staff is exceptional, always ready to help with planning and anything else we might need. The grounds are beautiful and well-kept and the private and public areas are attractive and clean. The food is delicious and the service is timely. We highly recommend Trinity Center for any retreat purposes.
anita mcleod I have attended and led retreats at this facility during the past 15 years.  The staff is welcoming, always helpful and very kind.  The food is very good with lots of fresh salads and fruits.  The location is beautiful between the ocean and the sound.
The Rev. Ginny Going Trinity Center is a unique and beautiful retreat center in a gorgeous setting on the NC coast. I have been attending and organizing retreats there for over 20 years.  The staff is well trained, professional, friendly and strive to make everyone’s Trinity visit a good one.  The facilities are clean and comfortable and the meeting room that looks over the Atlantic Ocean added in recent years is a wonderful place for group sessions.  It is a treat to be at Trinity Center any time of the year.
Pat Donohue I have been to Trinity Center numerous times.  Trinity has been the site for holding our 5 day residential Bodywork Courses.  The Beach House was our meeting space most visits. The staff at Trinity is friendly, helpful and accomodating.  They are available to recommend the best configuration of meeting space and residential combinations for a group’s stay on the property.<br>   I am always looking for an opportunity to go back to Trinity Center !
Ruie Pritchard, Ph. D. For 4 years, I led retreats at the Trinity Center for the College of Education at NC State University.  Last year, I led a retreat there for the NC Fulbright Association, and we plan another one this May.  I have had only good experiences at the Trinity Center, in terms of staff, rooms, meals, meeting accommodations, setting.  It is reasonable in price, quiet, and we love the beach house for the meetings.  The only downside, and it is not too hard to work around this, is that internet connection is slow–dial-up at the beach house.  But we have had good equipment and just come prepared for this small inconvenience.  I highly recommend this facility.
Steve Zimmerman This is my fourth year coordinating an annual weekend Men’s retreat for our church, all at Trinity Center.  It is an outstanding facility; great location, fabulous, peaceful property, real good food.  While the accommodations we utilize are rustic, they are always neat, clean and well kept.  We comfortably had sessions for 80, including plenty of areas for breakouts.  The staff has always been warm, friendly and easy to work with.  We have utilized their campfire area, beach area, volleyball and basketball, and brackish water (with our canoes) dock.  You will be hard pressed to find a better value for your money.




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