BIG SWEEP Saturday, October 18th

Come Sweep the Beach at Trinity!

During the month of October, communities of Carteret County are participating in the 28th Annual Big Sweep.  Although the kick-off statewide is the first weekend, we extend participation throughout the month.  Saturday, October 18th is the day Trinity Center and our Sound to Sea program contributes to the Pine Knoll Shores Big Sweep as part of our ongoing effort to keep our beloved beaches and waterways clean.


If you love our beaches, please join us on the Beach at 10:00AM, Saturday, October 18, 2014.  Trinity Center will provide work gloves, trash bags and other tools.  You bring the sunscreen and water bottle.


Volunteers will also log the amount and type of items collected, and how many animals suffered entanglements, to add to the statewide record tracking the types of trash ebb and flow over our waterways.

In 2013, 645 volunteers covered over 24 miles resulting in the removal of over 2500 pounds of trash from Carteret County waterways.

Some Big Sweep Tips for participation:

  • Take a hat or visor and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Wear old, comfortable clothes. You will get dirty.
  • Take a snack and a drink along. You’ll probably get thirsty.
  • Bring some insect repellent and a pair of gloves.
  • Make sure your shoes are sturdy and have closed toes. Your shoes may get wet. Do not go barefoot.
  • Stay with a partner or group, and be sure that children are supervised by an adult.
  • Wear a life jacket if you’ll be in a boat. Do not wade into the water to gather debris if the current is fast. Never enter the water unless you know its depth and are wearing a life jacket. Be safe and careful.
  • Watch for snakes and spiders. Be careful of poison oak and poison ivy.
  • Watch out for steep, slippery, and unstable banks. If you are unsure of conditions, find a safer place or ask for assistance.
  • Do not touch medical waste, chemical containers, barrels, pesticides, or other dangerous items. Note their location and tell your site coordinator.
  • Do not touch any animals, dead or alive. Trapped or injured animals may bite, and they can carry disease. Alert your site coordinator.
  • Have a safe, fun time!


Camp Trinity showing some LOVE!

Did you know Trinity Center has 2 youth camps running simultaneously on property throughout the summer?  These 2 camps are Camp Trinity  and Sound to Sea.

You may have read in our recent posts that Sanders Point has been in desperate need of repair due to erosion. We are grateful that Trinity Center’s Sound to Sea staff have taken lead in Sanders’ Point restoration by organizing volunteer workdays and partnering with the NC Coastal Federation to repair the shoreline.  In recent weeks, many volunteers throughout the community and on Trinity Center’s staff have put in 180+ hours into bagging oysters and planting marsh grass.  A big THANKS to all that have helped and a special THANK YOU  to Sound to Sea.

Yesterday, Camp Trinity staff came to support our Sound to Sea instructors and showing some love!  


Trinity Center needs your help! Calling all volunteers!

Trinity Center’s Sound to Sea Environmental Education program is partnering up with the NC Coastal Federation to restore the salt marsh.

Saturday, May 18th, anytime between 9am-3pm.


Trinity Center will be planting marsh grasses to restore the salt marsh at Sanders’ Point, a part of the conference center near and dear to the hearts of many who come here.  Human and natural activities have eroded away the marsh that acts as a natural barrier in front of Sanders’ Point.  We are planning on installing a marsh sill just past the new marsh grasses to help stop further erosion and eventually build the marsh up.  We may be doing some preparation work for the sill by bagging oyster shells at this event.


WHEN:  May 18th, 2013

Anytime between 9am-3pm

WHERE: Trinity Center, 618 Salter Path Road, Pine Knoll Shores, NC

WHAT TO BRING:  Clothes that can get dirty, CLOSED TOE SHOES, a water bottle, sunscreen and bug spray, and work gloves if you have them.

PLEASE LET US KNOW YOU ARE COMING!!! Either by calling 252-247-5600 ext. 16, signing up on Sound to Sea’s Facebook page or by emailing

Please let us know if you are a vegetarian.

Parking is limited so please carpool if you can.

Blessings DO come in small packages!


Swansboro Rotary reminds us that blessings DO come in small packages! Many thanks to the Swansboro Rotary Club in advance for donating oyster shells from their upcoming Annual Oyster Roast being held March 16th, 2013!

STS Staff

With help from our Sound to Sea Instructors, take a look at how we will be using these oyster shells at Sanders Point! (Information has been taken from our Sound to Sea Facebook Page)


Sanders Point at Trinity Center.


Human and natural activity has eroded away the marsh that acts as a natural barrier in front of Sanders Point. As the marsh in front of Sander’s Point eroded, the water came up higher and pulled away the soil that was holding trees in place. — at Trinity Center.


The altar stand at Sanders Point has fallen apart as the water is able to get higher and higher. — at Trinity


As the marsh in front of Sanders Point is lost, the high energy waves of winter time pull more sand and sediment away. The marsh is a natural barrier that slows down the waves, distributing the energy of those waves. As the waves loose speed, sand and sediment are deposited, actually building up the marsh. — atTrinity Center.


We are planning on installing a marsh still in front of Sanders Point to help stop further erosion and eventually build the marsh up. The waves are slowed down as they hit the sill. Our sill will be made of oyster shells instead of rock. (Donated from Swansboro Rotary Club – YAY!)  We will be planting marsh grasses behind where the sill will be installed to help speed up the marsh’s restoration.


STS Instructor Chris helps take measurements with Coastal Federation staff for the marsh sill. Boy, it’s cold out there!

Don’t forget to follow our blog to to get regular updates about Trinity Center via email and thanks for reading about us! Now, let’s go eat some oysters!