March 2013

The following Events are open the public.

March 10-15, 2013

ROAD SCHOLAR -Adventures in Lifelong Learning

Using Digital Photography to Capture North Carolina’s Dynamic Coast
Southern Outer Banks, North Carolina
Photography, Natural History
5 night(s)  01/13/201302/03/201302/17/201303/10/2013

With pristine coastlines and wildlife filled estuaries as your muse, explore the beauty of North Carolina’s barrier islands and learn the skills and t…(read more)
For more information on the classes offered at Trinity Center, please feel free to call us at 252-247-5600.  We would be more than happy to discuss any aspect of our program with you.


March 17-24, 2013

TRINITY CENTER – Silent Retreat
Rates:  $74.00 per night / $20 non-refundable registration fee

Take advantage of an opportunity to explore your sense of self, your life purpose(s) and its meaning. Choose to stay anywhere from 2 nights to the entire scheduled retreat time at Pelican House. Bring a good book, the Good Book, a beach towel and writing materials…whatever you need to find rest and peace. Pray, meditate or rest in your private room, at a variety of reflective outdoor locations or in the comfort of Pelican House porches. Rules of Silence apply in the Pelican House during silent retreat weeks except during worship. Some Silent Retreats offer a host for the week who may offer the Daily Offices from the Book of Common Prayer either in the oratory at Pelican House or at the Julian Chapel at Trinity Center.

To make reservations for our scheduled Programs to Engage the Spirit, contact Stephanie Rudolph at or call Trinity Center toll free at 888-874-6287.  Participant Information Form


March 24-27, 2013

Road Scholar – Adventures in Lifelong Learning

Birding on the Outerbanks:
Coastal Forests and Island Sanctuaries

Discover areas of the Outer Banks that the National Audubon Society call “essential strongholds of avian abundance and diversity.” Waterfowl, waders, songbirds, and shorebirds from over 200 species — 23 of which are rare — call the sandy barrier islands, marshes, and forests home. Explore rare habitats of pocosin and maritime forests as our ornithology experts help you locate and identify ospreys, terns, herons, oystercatchers, plovers, geese and more.

• Journey by boat to Bird Shoal, the sandy, uninhabited barrier island and best place to see the rare species of plovers skirting the waves.
• Explore the last remnants of rare maritime southern pine forests and the shrubby, bog-like pocosins habitats with birding forays with our ornithology experts.
• Learn more about the birds of prey with a demonstration from a raptor rehabilitator.

Activity NotesWalks up to two miles over varied terrain, some wet.
Coordinated by Trinity Conference Center.


Interested in bringing your own group to Trinity Center?  
Please contact Chris Grenier at 1-888-874-6287 ext. 15.


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