Pssst…Will you be our Valentine?

Old Man Winter is struggling to keep hold on the Outer Banks but his grip is slipping.  camila sharp Francis backgroundThe Camellia bushes–one of the earliest spring flowering shrubs–have burst into bloom in the Pelican House Prayer Garden.

Dandelions are springing up in defiance every where.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is even a subtle shade of brighter green creeping into the leaves of the coniferous live oaks (or so we keep telling ourselves).
On a walk_Frank Leith Rd ScholarDaffodils are sticking their noses out of ground and will soon be keeping company with Bishop Sanders in the Memorial Garden.

During the week our Sound to Sea program is in full swing.  Gleeful shouts of children running around in the sun blend with the occasional leaf blower or hedge trimmer as our maintenance team start spring pruning on the landscape.

We expect a couple more tussles with ol’ Winter next week but we’re keeping warm and toasty until we wait him out.  Saturday, February 14th, is expected to be mid-fifties and sunny.

by road scholar Mary Pollard

Valentine’s Day Weekend is upon us here at Trinity.  We have a few marriage or couples retreats on property, as well as sisterly ladies’ crafting get-togethers

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand youth confirmation ceremonies so there’s a whole lotta love goin’ around in all its forms. Beach 2 Claire Hunter

The beach is so peaceful this time of year.  Pine Knoll Shores is a small town with few year-round residents so you have the vast ocean all to yourself…the shell hunting is great with so little competition.IMG_7768

When the sun goes down and Old Man Winter sniffs around the corner of the buildings, guests spend lazy evenings staring into a cozy living room fire…or into a good book.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Are you still looking for that last minute gift                                             for your one-and-only?

Then give us a call and come on down to Trinity. There’s nothing like a romantic elopement at the last minute…even if you have to bring the kids!

But sometimes, the best valentine you can give is time for oneself.  Girl on Bench_Frank Leith Rd ScholarEither way, come to Trinity this weekend…We’ll be your Valentine!


Call for Individual Retreat availability                 888-874-6287

Local Things to Do on Valentine’s Day:

Several area restaurants are offering special valentine’s menus or romantic dining:

Floyds 1921floyds   spouterThe Spouter Inn

bistro Bistro-By the Sea  beaufort Beaufort Grocery

Or if unattached, swing by the Beach Tavern at Atlantic Beach and join the Anti-Valentine Singles’ Mingle for those celebrating blessed singledom.

hansDuring the day Saturday, February 14th, enjoy traditional foods like Gumbo, dancing & the dixieland music of Unknown Tongues, and parades, costumes, beads & masks at The 23rd Annual Gloucester Mardi Gras.




Or for something calm and educational, visit the Volunteer Day Open House at the NC Aquarium.aqui

2 thoughts on “Pssst…Will you be our Valentine?

  1. I love Trinity Center, where I come each fall for 5 Day Academy for Spiritual Formation. Love to all you there from a grateful heart, mine, Sybil Austin Skakle

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