Please take care of our flowers!


Hmmm.  Is it true? Could someone steal flowers from a nonprofit organization?  Unfortunately, yes!  Trinity Center employees arrived to work Monday morning only to find  holes in the front entrance where colorful Persian Buttercups had once been. Local police have indicated that this is not the first flower theft they have come across this year.  Let’s hope that it is the last!

For those of you admiring these colorful flowers. They are a type of Ranunculus flower and we believe they are specifically called Persian Buttercups. With help from BellaOnline The Voice of Women, we would like share a story about the flower with you.

“There are many types of ranunculus and there is a story told about a young handsome prince who was very good natured and much loved by his subjects.  He had a beautiful voice and rode through the countryside singing and visiting the poor and needy on his white steed. 

He loved his native countryside and often sang delightful songs in the presence of nymphs. He fell in love with one of them but could not bring himself to declare his love. He pined and went off his food so much so that he became ill and died. The nation mourned his death as did the God and they changed him into a flower with delicate papery petals – the ranunculus.

To find out how to grow Ranunculus flowers in your garden please visit

One thought on “Please take care of our flowers!

  1. Flower stealers? I suppose someone doesn’t want to put their own effort into raising their own. So sad!

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