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Touchstone Energy Youth Leadership Weekend Retreat recently visited Trinity Center and is the perfect example of how we can serve youth within our community.  The kids attending were a pleasure to have on property and are always welcome.  Thank you for using Trinity Center and we look forward to next year!
Click link below to view original article. http://www.carteretcravenelectric.coop/myCommunity/youthLeadership.aspx
Touchstone Energy® Youth Leadership Weekend

The cooperatives’ Touchstone Energy® Youth Leadership Weekend provides action-packed activities and presentations to help high school juniors develop leadership skills that will serve not only today, but in the future as well.

Started in 2005, the weekend retreat at the Trinity Center in Pine Knoll Shores includes students from Croatan High School, East Carteret High School, Havelock High School, Jones Senior High School and West Carteret High School. Teachers and counselors at each school select six students to participate.

Through interactive activities, a challenge course and prominent motivational speakers, the students develop skills and relationships that last a lifetime. The purpose of the event is to provide leadership training for local young people. The weekend included leadership training, exposure to cooperatives and positive impact sessions.

Selection of students is left up to the local schools (either through the counselors’ offices or through the junior class teachers) with the possibility of six students from each school. Students were not necessarily from cooperative families.

At the end of the weekend, the students are encouraged to write an essay about their experiences during the weekend. A selection committee judges the entries and the winner receives a $500 scholarship to be given once the student is enrolled in college.

For more information, contact Bill Ward or Lisa Galizia at 1.800.682.2217 or 252.247.3107 or e-mail billw@ccemc.com for more information.

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