Did you know?

Trinity Center will accommodate dietary needs for guests as long as we know about them in advance.  Scroll down to see one Mom’s comment after her daughter (who had a deadly peanut allergy) attended a youth event here on property. 


My husband and I want to send a great big THANK YOU to you and your staff for providing a safe food environment for our daughter this weekend during her retreat. She had the most amazing experience and it warmed our hearts to hear her tell us about the warmth, connection and fellowship she enjoyed with her School Family this weekend. She said the food was WONDERFUL and raved about all of it but especially the bread sticks! 🙂  She also told us she wished the weekend didn’t have to end and that she wished they all could have stayed longer. She was obviously very comfortable 🙂

Thank you for again for doing a wonderful job in communicating with me, sending the menus, reassuring me and preparing the food staff for her retreat weekend. We are so grateful and feel so blessed when we have such positive experience and the opportunity to connect with people like you whom we otherwise would have never have crossed paths!


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