Real-Live Dinosaurs! Suzannah Crandall

Real-Live Dinosaurs??

You have raptors? You mean dinosaurs? There are dinosaurs at Trinity Center?  Well, not exactly dinosaurs but yes, Trinity Center is home to five raptors. A raptor or bird of prey is a bird that hunts other animals and is distinguished by its keen eyesight, strong talons and hooked beak.  For over 17 years, the Sound to Sea (STS) Environmental Education program has cared for and utilized the resident rehabilitated raptors for educational programming.  Each raptor on property was injured in the wild and was unable to be released back into the wild after rehabilitation.  The birds are strictly education birds and are included in regular STS school programming, Road Scholar, and numerous other Trinity Center conference events.

  During presentations, each raptor is attached to a qualified STS staff’s gloved hand and held for viewing.  The presence of the live bird enables the instructor to highlight the unique characteristics of each raptor and also talk about their injuries and conservation measures.

Current birds on property include an American Kestrel (1), a Barred Owl (2), two Eastern Screech Owls (3), and a Red-tailed Hawk (4).  If you are interested in learning more about raptors or would like to include the birds for your upcoming programming at TrinityCenter, please contact Trinity Center Program Director Mindy Furrer.

2 thoughts on “Real-Live Dinosaurs! Suzannah Crandall

  1. The Elderhostel program is now called Road Scholar. The name Exploritas was only used for about a year.

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